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Based on the actual program developed at a leading high-tech company, Practical TPM: Successful Equipment Management at Agilent Technologies recounts the challenges confronted and conquered - by the Agilent TPM team in the implementation process. In doing so, it provides a close-up, firsthand look at a comprehensive TPM system.

Agilent Technologies, formerly Hewlett-Packards Test and Measurement Division, operates an integrated circuit fabrication plant in Fort Collins, Colorado. Guided by Masaji Tajiri, the co-author of Autonomous Maintenance in Seven Steps, James Leflar and his team at Agilent developed a complete TPM program for the complex equipment on their shop floor. Drawn from these experiences, Practical TPM is a must read for anyone who wants to begin successful TPM implementation.

Part I explains the fundamental concepts of TPM, including the six basic principles of TPM, the goals of TPM, cultural changes resulting from TPM, and the keys to successful implementation. Part II  the heart of the book  describes, in step-by-step detail, the evolution of Agilent's TPM program. Each phase is clearly defined and demonstrated; the working tools and systems developed by the Agilent TPM team in the process are discussed at length. To conclude, Part III focuses on developing a vision and a strategy for your own successful TPM program.

Filled with annotated photographs and illustrations documenting Agilent's successful program, Practical TPM: Successful Equipment Management at Agilent Technologies offers an invaluable road map to TPM implementation.

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