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The Sayings of Shigeo Shingo: Key Strategies for Plant Improvement

Shigeo Shingo has been called "an unquestioned genius - the Thomas Edison of Japan." Using hundreds of real-life examples, Shingo describes simple ways to identify, analyze, and solve problems in the workplace.
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The Visual Factory: Building Participation Through Shared Information

Visual controls can be the most powerful tool at your disposal in your quest for greater efficiency, quality, productivity and safety. The Visual Factory will teach you how to communicate these invaluable work standards and instructions using visual production controls such as kanban cards, shadow boards, standardized work charts, one-point lessons and many more.
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Visual Control Systems

World-class organizations utilize visual control systems. They allow you to look at a work station or factory floor and understand basic information about the operation. From tool organization to process flow, you create order and understanding in the workplace with visual controls.
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Reorganizing the Factory: Competing Through Cellular Manufacturing

Manufacturing and office cells have steadily gained in popularity over the past two decades. Reorganizing work processes into cells has helped many organizations streamline operations, shorten lead times, increase quality, and lower costs. Cellular manufacturing is a powerful concept for improving competitiveness that is simple to understand; however, its ultimate success depends on deciding where cells fit into your organization, and then applying the know-how to design, implement and operate them.
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One-Piece Flow: Cell Design for Transforming the Production Process

How do you restructure a traditional assembly production line into a one-piece flow operation based on the demands of the marketplace? By reconfiguring your traditional assembly lines into production cells based on one-piece flow, you can drastically reduce your lead time, staffing requirements, and number of defects.
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The 5S Pocket Guide

This pocket guide is designed to enhance awareness of the principles behind the 5S system and identify the impact the 5S's have on improving efficiency and promoting a safe working environment. In a condensed version, the pocket guide outlines a disciplined methodology for implementing 5S.
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