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MTM 2-C1 MTM-2 (Methods Time Measurement for work methods & ergonomic improvement of processes) China-Shen MoreDetails
CLM-HK3 Certified Lean Specilaist/Manager - 5-Day training to enable you to implement and manage your own Lean System Hong Kong MoreDetails
LL-HK4 Certified Lean Leader for Healthcare - 5-Day training Hong Kong MoreDetails
Hong Kong MOST WORK MEASUREMENT (for work redesign & advanced planning of resources) Hong Kong MoreDetails
RCA-KL2 Root Cause Problem Solving Kuala Lumpur MoreDetails
PSM-KL2 PROBLEM SOLVING METHODS - Systematic Investigation Methods Kuala Lumpur MoreDetails
LVSM - KL2 LEAN VALUE STREAM MAPPING Value Stream Mapping & Operational Analysis of Workflow Kuala Lumpur MoreDetails
LBP-M1 LEAN BUSINESS PROCESS for cycle time reduction of office administration & business processes. How to implement value stream workflow in the office Kuala Lumpur MoreDetails
KPS-KL2 Kaizen Production Study (The Best Known Approach For Achieving Effective Continuous Improvement) Kuala Lumpur MoreDetails
G8D-KL3 GLOBAL 8D INNOVATION - The Benchmarked G8D Problem Solving course covering all the 8D Requirement of Ford Motor Problem Solving Methodology (Plus Search For Redesign Opportunity) Kuala Lumpur MoreDetails
HAZOP-KL2 HAZOP Risk Management Kuala Lumpur MoreDetails
LCD-KL2 Lean Cell Design Kuala Lumpur MoreDetails
MOSCM-KL1 Manufacturing Out-Sourcing & Supply Chain Management Process Workshop Kuala Lumpur MoreDetails
IPSM-KL1 INNOVATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING METHODS for investigational approach of technical problem. Kuala Lumpur MoreDetails
TPM-KL2 TPM Autonomous Control Kuala Lumpur MoreDetails
MOST-KL2 MOST WORK MEASUREMENT (for work redesign & advanced planning of resources) Kuala Lumpur MoreDetails
CTM-KL1 CYCLE TIME MANAGEMENT for kaizen and lead time reduction Kuala Lumpur MoreDetails
CLM-KL2 Certified Lean Manager - 5-Day training to enable you to implement and manage your own Lean System Kuala Lumpur MoreDetails
POKA-KL2 POKA YOKE METHODS for preventing mistake and implementing error proofing processes Kuala Lumpur MoreDetails
SUR-KL2 SETUP REDUCTION for achieving quick changeover with the world's best AEP & Activity Motion Waste Analysis Kuala Lumpur MoreDetails
VEA-KL3 VALUE ENGINGEERING ANALYSIS for re-engineering product development equipment and process improvement Kuala Lumpur MoreDetails
PMA-KL1 PM ANALYSIS for conducting Root Cause Failure Analysis on Equipment and Processes Kuala Lumpur MoreDetails
DOE-KL1 DESIGN OF EXPERIMENTS with Taguchi Method Kuala Lumpur MoreDetails
EMT-KL3 Equipment Maintenance & Troubleshooting Kuala Lumpur MoreDetails
LEAN-KL1 LEAN MANUFACTURING - for implementing short cycle time delivery and cyel time engineering of value stream processes Kuala Lumpur MoreDetails

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